If It Calls for Digging, It Calls for 811

Planning a home improvement project that involves digging? Installing a new fence or mailbox? Are you finally starting that garden you’ve been dreaming of? It is the law to contact 811 two full working days, or more depending on the size and scope of the project, to avoid hitting an underground utility line and allow the member utilities to provide a positive response to your locate request. Working day means every day, except Saturday, Sunday, and holidays established by federal or state statute from 12:01 a.m. eastern time until 12 midnight eastern time, excluding the day the locate request was made.

By using Kentucky 811’s free service and having the approximate location of our members’ buried utility lines marked on your property, you can prevent damage to your property, your neighborhood and yourself. Be sure to check out the Five Steps to Safe Digging before you contact Kentucky 811 and submit a ticket with ITIC Lite!

Why Do I Need to Contact 811?

Not contacting Kentucky 811 can lead to inconvenient utility service outages along with an exorbitant repair bill, serious injury or even death. That’s why contacting Kentucky 811 before you dig is mandated by law.