Resources for Kentucky 811 Member Utilities

Kentucky 811 is proud to use the Locator Tickets portal — a comprehensive ticket management packed with versatile features including the ability to efficiently organize and track locate requests, easily communicate with excavators in real time, and define criteria for automatic work assignments.

Click on any of the following resources to view or download more information:

Locator Tickets Portal Guide

Information on Providing Positive Response

Training Calendar

Positive Response Status

There are two methods for posting positive response status on Kentucky 811 tickets:

Locator Tickets Portal — Free with Kentucky 811 membership and has a variety of specialized features. Click here for more information on setting status in the Locator Tickets portal.

Web Service — Click here to view more information for members that use the web service to provide positive response.

If you have questions about Locator Tickets or Positive Response, contact the call center by sending an email to .